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Holiday Property Lettings Package

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Michael Paul Holidays lettings package is designed to save time by using data pushing technology to provide real time availability and tariff information to potential guests.

By integrating your booking system with the Michael Paul Holidays booking system, availability data is shared between both resort and agent meaning time needn’t be wasted manually or verbally passing guest details from one party to another. This automated approach to guest bookings not only saves valuable time but minimises the risk of miscommunication or human error.

Most importantly, there will be no need to provide us with an allocation of your property stock.


  • Complete availability control.
  • No need to allocate some of your property to another external agent.
  • No chance of error or double bookings.
  • Ability to data push to other booking websites and channels other than MPH through pre-built integrations.
  • Any changes, cancellations and of course bookings will automatically be reflected on all channels.

For more information, contact Michael on 01275 371 133