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Holiday Property Lettings Package

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Whether you are an individual holiday home owner or a large holiday park, you can list your UK holiday property on the Michael Paul Holidays website. We can use an internet connection from your booking system to our website to show our visitors your real time pricing and availability. When a booking is made it will show immediately in your system with no chance of double booking. We don’t need any allocation and there is no cost to you unless we sell a holiday. We have connections to all the major booking systems such as Supercontrol, Park Vision, Elite, Prophet etc.

With very competitive commission and great customer service, why not try Michael Paul Holidays today?


  • Complete availability and price control
  • No need for allocation
  • No chance of error or double bookings
  • Great customer service
  • Very competitive rates of commission
  • Free help and advice on how to maximise your bookings
  • No risk – give us a try!

The Gold Standard Service

If you’d like to go further than simply listing your properties on our site as an additional source of bookings, we are proud to offer our comprehensive Gold Standard Service. Under this arrangement, we will handle all the back-office requirements of your resort or properties, including bookings, customer service, marketing, and revenue management. This frees you up to deal with those day-to-day tasks that need to be handled directly.

What makes the Gold Standard Service special is that we will be using all our expertise to maintain and grow your business on your behalf and in your name. You can get on with those day-to-day tasks secure in the knowledge that the behind-the-scenes requirements are being handled by the best in the business.


Under your brand's name, we will:

  • Generate bookings for you
  • Add bookings to your property management system
  • Handle customer service enquiries, including complaints
  • Promote your resort using digital and traditional methods
  • Review property pricing to maximise bookings
  • Grow your customer base and brand reputation

For more information, contact Michael on 01275 371 133