About Michael Paul and Michael Paul Holidays

Michael Paul Holidays is an internet holiday property agency based in Bristol. Our goal is to provide our customers with a great choice of competitively priced breaks in the UK in four to five star rated self-catering accommodation that includes cottages, lodges and log cabins.

Michael Paul is a senior Chartered Surveyor who has been involved in the UK leisure sector since he qualified at the Royal Agricultural College in 1971.

Over the decades since he has learnt what holidaymakers want in a holiday venue. Having advised the leisure sector for years on all matters property and business growth, and in the process listened to endless complaints from holidaymakers, he decided to build a new business and put customer service back at the top of the list where it belongs.

If Michael Paul is proud to have selected a holiday venue listed here then you can rest assured that you're making the right holiday choice.

How do we differ from other holiday companies?

Excellent Customer Service

Our ethos is all about customer service. We aim to provide excellent customer experience to all our guests. We run a telephone service from 9am till 5:30pm weekdays and 10am till 4pm on weekends so that you can reach us easily should you have any queries or questions. Our phone operators can make informed recommendations based on your individual requirements having seen most of the properties in the Michael Paul collection. This personalised service is unique to Michael Paul Holidays and sets us apart from other holiday letting companies.

Wide Range of Accommodation

We set ourselves apart by offering a unique service and range of accommodation. Whether it’s a cosy log cabin with a hot tub, a contemporary eco-lodge or a luxury caravan, Michael Paul Holidays has the perfect accommodation for you.

Personally Vetted Properties

Unlike other agencies, we only accept properties on our website after a representative has personally inspected the property. We will only allow a property on to our website if it is meets our exacting high standards. Few other companies are able to offer customers such a diverse choice of handpicked, high-quality accommodation.

Best Price Promise

You won't find our holidays cheaper elsewhere as Michael Paul Holidays has negotiated a price parity agreement with all our partners. In the event of a pricing error, i.e. where you are able to see the exact same holiday elsewhere as a lower price, we will refund the difference. 

Why Choose Us?

• We only feature quality 4 and 5 star holiday properties

• Terrific range of cottages, lodges and cabins

• Pay only 30% deposit (unless your stay is within 8 weeks)

• Our prices include all fees and charges - no nasty surprises!

• All our properties have been checked by us (unlike Airbnb!)

• Log in to your account and pay your final balance when convenient

Guest Experience

Michael has a real understanding, as do the property owners who list with him, that all holiday guests want to have a “good experience”, whatever that specifically means to them. Michael doesn’t list properties from owners who don’t understand customer service or don't fully appreciate the need to put the guest's needs first. This means that customers know when they make their booking that there is an implied guarantee that all will be well on arrival and throughout the stay.

It’s similar to the old-fashioned travel agent you might have met in the high street in yesteryear who has been to Bali or wherever else and knows what you can expect. They can steer you away from the places you won’t enjoy or where you would be wasting your precious holiday time. Michael travels tirelessly all around the country reviewing holiday venues and only selecting those that meet his high standards.

Guest Advantage

Once Michael and his team have set everything up for you with the property owner and then told you everything you should know and everything you need to know, you can rest assured that when you arrive all will be as promised and you can relax and get on with your holiday. This in-built reliability is worth a huge amount for the party leader, be it mum, dad, or the group organiser.

The Innovation

The simple message from holiday property owners to Michael was to find them guests who are well informed and know what they are coming to. Given online booking is here to stay, the smart thing to do was to integrate the booking systems of the resort with that of Michael Paul Holidays, so the two systems behave as one and in real time and give the potential guest both price and availability on a plate and with just two clicks. That’s exactly what Michael has done.

Could It Be Easier?

The guest wants security of booking, certainty of information and a travel agent in the middle who understands the guest's needs, while the resort owner wants to be delivered guests who are well informed and know they have have come to the right place when they drive through the gate, making Michael Paul Holidays' approach to booking is absolutely ideal for all parties.

Where From Here?

It's Michael's plan to keep discovering special places in Britain and to keep seeking out resort operators in those areas who match the brand's promise to deliver exceptional customer service to the guest and create an unforgettable holiday experience.