Hawkswood Estate Booking Conditions



1.1.   The Contract for renting the Selected Property is between You and the Owner and it incorporates and is subject to these Booking Conditions.

1.2.   By making a Booking You are deemed to have made an offer to enter into a contract with the Owner for the letting of the Selected Property in accordance with the Booking Conditions.

1.3.   The Booking will be deemed accepted and the Contract referable to the Booking will come into effect and be legally binding when Hawkswood House/The Roundel issues confirmation to  You.


2.1.   You may make a Booking by enquiring to Hawkswood House/The Roundel.

2.2.   If, when making your Booking, the start date of your proposed Rental Period is more than 4 weeks away, You must pay a deposit to Hawkswood House/The Roundel. This deposit is 50% of the Rental Fee. The balance of the Rental Fee is payable 30 days before the start of the Rental Period.

2.3.   The entire Rental Fee is payable at the same time as your Booking if the Booking is made 4 weeks or less before the start of the Rental Period.

2.4.   Hawkswood House/The Roundel reserves the right to cancel your Booking at any time and retain the deposit if the balance is not received by the due date.

2.5.   Hawkswood House/The Roundel will issue confirmation to  You once it  has received the enquiry and all    money due at   the time of    Booking in  cleared funds provided that the Selected Property is  available. You should check the confirmation carefully andnotify Hawkswood House/The Roundel immediately in case of any discrepancy or mistake.

2.6.   Hawkswood House/The Roundel may at   any time before it  issues a confirmation accept bookings from other customers for theSelected Property.

2.7.   If the Selected Property is unavailable for your selected Rental Period and Hawkswood House/The Roundel is unable to accept the Booking for this or any other reason, Hawkswood House/The Roundel will return all money received from you in full.

3.   GOOD HOUSEKEEPING DEPOSIT A good housekeeping deposit is a bond which represents your agreement to leave the house, contents and Hydro Spa as you found them.We will require a good housekeeping deposit from you, as a bond, representing your agreement to leave the property as found. This is £600 for one property or £1,000 for both properties rented together and also exclusive use of Hawkswood Country Estate. The owner may claim for any loss or damage up to the amount of the good housekeeping deposit. In addition to damages, they may claim for excessive cleaning costs, smoking in non-smoking properties over-occupancy etc. They may make a claim for any costs arising from your rental which were not anticipated or factored into your rental. Please be aware that smoking in the houses or taking dogs into houses which do not accept pets leads to the full good housekeeping deposit being claimed.You may pay this in the following way:By credit or debit card. Funds will be banked prior to your stay and refunded following your stay.

NO CLAIM Provided the property is left as found at the end of the rental, no claim will be made and the full amount will be refunded to the same card within 7 days following your departure.

CLAIM ARISING If the property owner claims for loss or damage, and informs us of any such claim within the 7 days following your departure, Hawkswood House will deduct the required amount from your card and inform you of this. The Owner is required to provide you with a breakdown of the claim.


4.1.   Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. You may also pay by card or cheque. We do not accept American Express.

4.2.   For Bookings made less than 1 week before the start of the Rental Period, no cheques will be accepted and payment must be made in cleared funds, ie. by bank transfer.

4.3.   All cheque payments shall be made to Hawkswood House ltd.


5.1.   If You cancel the accepted/confirmed Booking for any reason, You must notify Hawkswood House/The Roundel in  writing at   theaddress stated in these Booking Conditions.

5.2.   A cancellation charge is payable depending on the number of days (or part thereof) before the Rental start date that the notice of cancellation is received by Hawkswood House/The Roundel. The amount payable is set out below, where ‘number of days’ refers to the number of days-notice given at cancellation prior to the start date, and the ‘Cancellation Charge’ refers to the percentage of the Rental Cost of the:

1 - 14 days 100%

15 - 28 days 75%

29 days or more Deposit amount.

5.3.   Hawkswood House/The Roundel strongly recommends that you take out cancellation insurance, further details of which are set out in  condition 16.5.4.   If the Selected Property which you have booked and which has been accepted becomes unavailable or unusable for any reason prior to the start of the Rental Period, Hawkswood House/The Roundel will be reimburse any sums received from you in respect of the Contract.


6.1.   The Rental Period commences, unless otherwise notified, at   4.00 pm on   the day of   arrival and terminates at   10.00 am on   theday of   departure. Wherever possible the owners will be   as   accommodating as   possible but any change to  the specified arrival and departures time must be by agreement.The housekeepers will be cleaning and preparing the house anticipating your arrival at 4pm or later. Please do not arrive earlier than this, except by prior arrangement. An unexpected early arrival may lead to the house not being as clean as you would like as cleaners may leave when you arrive.

6.2.   At certain times of year late departures may be available at Hawkswood House/The Roundel’s discretion.

6.3.   Hawkswood House/The Roundel will notify You at   the time your Booking is  confirmed, if  the extended stay is  available.

6.4.   If your stay extends beyond the period of hire in condition 6.1, or such other period as expressly agreed in condition 6.2, You may be subject to a charge for the additional time based on the applicable daily rate for the Selected Property.


1.   Hawkswood House/The Roundel will endeavour, but is under no obligation, to consider a request from You to change the Rental Period after it  has been confirmed and accepted. Such a request will only be accepted if:• the Selected Property is available for the new Rental Period requested; • You pay an administration fee of £42.00 (including VAT) and any sums due in respect of any higher prices for the Selected Property for the new dates.


8.1.   You agree that the number of people staying in the Selected Property will not exceed the maximum capacity of 10 in Hawkswood House and 10 in The Roundel. The sleeping arrangements must be within the bedrooms/beds provided as sleeping in any of the public rooms/areas within the properties is strictly prohibited.

8.2.   If you plan to invite additional non-resident guests to the House please advise the Management as an additional daily charge will be added

8.3.   You and your guests will comply with any reasonable regulations relating to the Selected Property or the site within which the Selected Property is situated, which will be communicated to you upon/prior to your arrival at the Selected Property.


9.1.   You agree to keep the Selected Property and its contents in the same condition and repair as found on your arrival at the Selected Property and shall procure that your guests shall also take such care of the Selected Property and its contents.

9.2.   If either You or any of your guests, by act or omission causes damage to the Selected Property and/or its contents, You agree to pay to Hawkswood House/The Roundel upon written demand, any reasonable costs incurred in making good any such loss or damage.

9.3.   You shall abide by   all    instructions with regard to  the use of   the Selected Property and its   fixtures and fittings as   notified to  Youby Hawkswood House/The Roundel or the Owner from time to time.

9.4.   You must ensure that the Selected Property is left in a clean and tidy condition on your departure at the end of the Rental Period. Hawkswood House/The Roundel may charge You for the reasonable costs of any additional cleaning if this is reasonably considered necessary.

9.5    If the House is left in an unacceptable manner and additional Housekeeping is required then a charge of between £75 to £200 shall be retained from the Good Housekeeping deposit to cover cleaning.


10.1.  Hawkswood House/The Roundel and the Owner shall have the right of entry to the Selected Property at all reasonable times, except in an emergency where immediate access may be required, for the purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.


11.1.  Hawkswood House/The Roundel and the Owner reserve the right to refuse Bookings from: (a) groups of people under the age of 25; and/or (b) hen or stag parties.

11.2.  You must inform Hawkswood House/The Roundel at the time of Booking if your party falls in condition 11.1(a) and/or 11.1(b).

11.3.  Hawkswood House/The Roundel and the Owner reserve the right to terminate a Contract without prejudice to any rights and remedies accrued by Hawkswood House/The Roundel or the Owner or You which shall remain following termination and ask You and your guests to leave the Selected Property immediately if it is deemed necessary by Hawkswood House/The Roundel or the Owner as a result of your behaviour or that of any of your guests or any other material breach of these Booking Conditions.

11.4.  In the event that your Contract is terminated in accordance with condition 11.3, the Owner reserves the right not to refund to You any part of the Rental Fees in respect of the shortened Rental Period.


12.1. Should there be any cause for complaint during your stay in the Selected Property, You should notify Hawkswood House/The Roundel promptly and describe the nature of the complaint. Hawkswood House/The Roundel will use its reasonable endeavours to resolve any complaints on behalf of the Owner but, in accordance with condition 11.1, accepts no liability for its actions all of which are performed on behalf of the Owner who shall be solely liable.

12.2.  There will be a housekeeper on call, whom You can contact in the event that you have a problem with the Property. The Housekeeper will use their reasonable endeavours to resolve any issues.

12.3.  Any complaints You wish to make after your Rental Period has ended should be made in writing and sent to Hawkswood House/The Roundel within a reasonable period thereafter.


13.1.  If You wish, You may take out cancellation insurance to help protect You from cancellation of your Booking. This is not compulsory.

13.2.  Where You have taken out cancellation insurance and cancel a Contract with Hawkswood House/The Roundel, the cancellation must be   notified to  Hawkswood House/The Roundel in  writing. Should a cancellation be   made which is  not covered in  full underthe terms of the cancellation insurance, you remain liable in accordance for any monies owed.


14.1.  For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Owner and Hawkswood House/The Roundel are Joint Data Controllers of all personal data provided to Hawkswood House/The Roundel by You. The Owner agrees that Hawkswood House/The Roundel can process such personal data on its  behalf, for the purposes of processing and administering your Booking.

14.2.  The Owner and Hawkswood House/The Roundel will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any directions issued by the Information Commissioner in the processing of such personal data.

14.3.  You agree that Hawkswood House/The Roundel may process your personal data in this way and may need to pass your personal data on to third parties and organisations who need to know them so that the Booking can be provided.

14.4.  You agree that Hawkswood House/The Roundel may also process and store your personal details for its own administration, market analyses and operational reviews.

14.5.  Hawkswood House/The Roundel would also like to store and use your personal data for future marketing purposes (for example, sending brochures, details of promotions, or offers which Hawkswood House/The Roundel feels may be of interest to You). All details, with the exception of credit/debit card data, given to Hawkswood House/The Roundel at any time will be kept, but only names, contact details and the Booking preferences will be used for marketing purposes unless You are informed otherwise when the information is provided. If You have made your booking by supplying details to Hawkswood House/The Roundel in writing by agreeing to these Booking Conditions, You consent to Hawkswood House/The Roundel sending You such information and if you do not wish to receive such information from Hawkswood House/The Roundel, please notify Hawkswood House/The Roundel in writing.

14.6.  Hawkswood House/The Roundel would like to supply You with promotional offers. If You have made your booking by supplying details to Hawkswood House/The Roundel in writing, by agreeing to these Booking Conditions, You consent to Hawkswood House/The Roundel sending you such information. If you do not wish to receive such information, please notify Hawkswood House/The Roundel in writing.

14.7   You have the right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to obtain information about You held by Hawkswood House/The Roundel. Should you have any queries regarding this right or your personal information please contact Hawkswood House/The Roundel.


15.1.  If any provision of the Contract (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part of the Contract, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the Contract shall not be affected.

15.2.  You shall not, without the prior written consent of Hawkswood House/The Roundel acting as agent for the Owner, assign or transfer, or deal in any other manner with all or any of your rights or obligations under this Contract.

15.3.  A person (other than Hawkswood House/The Roundel) who is not a party to this Contract shall not have any rights under or in connection  with it.

15.4.  The Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scottish law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

16.    LIABIlITY

16.1.  Nothing in these Booking Conditions shall limit or exclude the liability of the Owner or Hawkswood House/The Roundel for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

16.2.  Subject to condition 15.1 all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the extent permitted by law, excluded from the Contract.

16.3.  Subject to condition 15.1 the Owner and/or Hawkswood House/The Roundel shall not be liable for any actual or alleged indirect or consequential loss howsoever arising suffered by   You, or   for any loss (either direct or   indirect) of   profits, anticipated profits,savings, business or opportunity or loss of publicity or loss of reputation or opportunity to enhance reputation or any other sort of economic loss.

16.4.  Subject as stated in condition 15.1, the aggregate liability of the Owner and/or Hawkswood House/The Roundel to You for breach of contract, misrepresentation, in tort or otherwise arising under or in connection with the Contract shall be limited to damages not exceeding three times the total amount of the Rental Fee received from you.


17.1.  Neither Hawkswood House/The Roundel nor the Owner shall be liable for any delay or non-performance of their obligations under the Contract to the extent that the performance is interrupted or prevented by any act or omission beyond its reasonable control. Hawkswood House/The Roundel or the Owner shall as soon as reasonably practicable upon it becoming aware of the same notify You.



The Owner and Hawkswood House/The Roundel take guest safety very seriously. Therefore we ask that Guests who stay in a Property take a few moments on arrival to think about their safety. In particular we ask that Guests should:• Check the layout of the Property, so that in an emergency you and your party can get out quickly and easily; • Check the locations of   the fire extinguishers and fire blanket and read the instructions for use; • Check the location of   the first aid box; and • Read and take note of   specific safety information provided in  the Property. If you have any concerns about the safety of the Property, whether it be the garden, equipment or facilities you should contact Hawkswood House/The Roundel immediately.

B    LOCATION Hawkswood House/The Roundel is in a rural location and can experience some animal noise and occasionally noise from grass cutting or other farm machinery or activities.

C ONE COMPLIMENTARY RETURN LUXURY TRANSPORT PER DAY (Excluding the festive period) Hawkswood Country Estate has a 16-seater mini coach and an 8-seater mini bus available for hire by guests. For stays of three nights or more we offer one complimentary return transfer per day (excluding the festive period). Our 16 seater or 8-seater vehicles are available to guests requiring transfers to and from their destination within the St Andrews / East Neuk area.  Transport requirements must be booked in advance. Any additional transfers are chargeable.Transport hours are between 08.00 and 20.00 hours seven days a week.   The management cannot guarantee any specifictransfer times during busy periods. Please note the complimentary transfer is per party and not per house when renting both properties.All   Operational Hours are 08.00 to 20.00 hours for the below;Edinburgh Airport transport 8 seater £100.00 one way16 seater £150.00 one wayDundee Airport / Carnoustie Golf Course transport8 seater £75.00 one way16 seater £100.00 one waySt Andrews / East Neuk area transport 8 seater £30.00 one way16 seater £40.00 one wayTOuRS The company will undertake transfers in addition to the above which are subject to separate negotiation. Tour days are priced on an 8 hour day, 8am - 4pm. Additional hours are charged at £25.00 per hour.D    


Great effort is  made to  maintain the highest standards of   furnishing and fittings. On the very rare occasion when you may experience a shortfall in housekeeping or maintenance, please call the housekeeper or Hawkswood House/The Roundel on 07702 055071 during your stay so that the Owners or Hawkswood House/The Roundel can try to minimise any inconvenience, discomfort or dissatisfaction.


You should report accidental damage or breakage if and when it happens. Repairs or replacement items can then be arranged in advance of the arrival of the next guests.


Pets are allowed on REQUEST ONLY. Charges apply of £20 per night per pet. A maximum of two pets are permitted in one stay. Pets must be   confined to  the ground floor only and not permitted in  any bedrooms or   on   any furniture. Guests must clean up   anymess outdoors.


Hawkswood House/The Roundel operates a non-smoking policy. Guests wishing to smoke can do so in the designated outdoor area.


(HAWKSWOOD HOUSE) The log burners can get very hot, please refrain children from touching them.


On the rare occurrence a loss of electricity power supply takes place in the local area, we shall endeavour to do all we can to make guests comfortable. We do not accept responsibility for such events.


Special requests may be made prior to travel and whilst we will endeavour to meet them, this cannot be guaranteed. under no circumstances will requests accepted by us form part of our contractual obligations. unless agreed in writing by Hawkswood House/The Roundel on behalf of the Owner, Hawkswood House/The Roundel does not accept liability for special requests that are not fulfilled.


In the rare event that you have a problem with or complaint about your accommodation, please call the Housekeeper as quickly as possible so that swift action can be taken to remedy the situation.


We reserve the right to alter or withdraw amenities or facilities or any activities without prior notice; where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance, weather conditions and circumstances beyond our control.