Holidays in the UK are now affectionately being referred to as staycations. It seems that the usual expectation for holidays nowadays is that you pack your things, climb on board a plane and head off to some far-flung location abroad. Taking a break within the UK is barely on some people's radar, it seems, despite there being many good reasons to do so. So, we ask, why choose the humble staycation?

Appreciate what you have

The UK is an incredible place, steeped in fascinating history and with some amazing things going on, but it's easy to take it for granted in day-to-day life. A staycation gives you a chance to look at your home nation from a fresh perspective and take something of a tourist's approach to it, giving you a better appreciation for your heritage.

Holidays in the UK

There's all sorts of amazing historical sites to visit, including medieval castles, Victorian mansions and Stone Age monuments. And if you'd rather live in the present, it's not as though we lack for fantastic festivals and events to attend that you might otherwise have missed out on, as well as some great pubs and restaurants where you can fill your belly.

Travel easier by car

Perhaps driving for hours isn't your idea of heaven, but when you compare it to catching a flight nowadays it seems positively luxurious. You don't have to get up at 5am, rush to the airport with that nagging feeling that you've forgotten something, try your best to get through security without breaking a rule you never knew existed, then sit in the departures lounge for five hours while a voice over the tannoy offers increasingly desperate excuses for why your plane hasn't shown up.

Taking a staycation by car lets you pack as much as you like, leave when you want, and stick to your own schedule along the way. It's also a huge benefit to have your car with you when you get there, as you can explore the local area easily and don't have to deal with the hassle of renting a vehicle.

Witness natural beauty

When it comes to natural scenery, the UK is a nation blessed with a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, including the lochs and mountains of Scotland, the hills and valleys of Wales, and the moors and meadows of England. There's endless stunning landmarks and sweeping views to discover, and our wildlife is amazing to watch too. No two places in the UK are the same, so if it's incredible natural sights you're after, a staycation in the UK really is a brilliant choice.

Relax in familiar surroundings

We're always told that we should travel to broaden our minds, as though even our holidays need to have some lofty reason for where we're going and what we're doing. The truth is that many of us simply want an opportunity to relax for a little while, and the familiarity of going on a staycation rather than heading across the seas can certainly help with that.

There's no unfamiliar customs to be aware of (did you know there are some countries where tipping is an insult?), no fumbling with a phrasebook trying to make yourself understood, and no accidentally running afoul of some unexpected local law. You can still relax among beautiful scenery, eat delicious food and visit amazing attractions in the UK, but without all the stress that comes with being in surroundings that may be a little too unfamiliar.

Unwind on a short break

With many of us living busier lives than ever, it's becoming harder and harder to set aside a full week or two for a holiday. The result is that more and more people are taking short breaks, often just getting away for a weekend. With the stress of getting ready for and taking a flight, though, it often seems hardly worth it to go abroad for these trips - you might spend more time preparing for your holiday than you spend on the holiday itself!

This makes a staycation in the UK the ideal choice for a short break. You don't need to worry about the formalities of flying or getting into another country, you can just jump in the car or hop on a coach or train and go. There are also no worries about a delayed or cancelled flight cutting short your break or delaying your return.

Take the dog along

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they really are a part of the family, so why break up the family just to take a trip abroad? Dogs can of course accompany you on some foreign holidays, but there's a lot of preparation involved and it can be extremely stressful for your pet (not to mention you).

Pet friendly holidays

With a staycation, though, all you have to do is book a dog-friendly holiday home, throw the doggy basket and some treats into the car, and bring your pooch along for the break with you. After all, don't they deserve a chance to get away from their hectic schedule of running around and chasing sticks so they can run around and chase sticks in a completely different place?

Save money

Okay, so perhaps it's not the most glamorous point, but the price is an important practical reason to staycation within the UK. With the new lows the pound has hit over the last year, our money doesn't go nearly as far as it used to, and the costs can quickly add up on any break taken abroad. This isn't a concern if you holiday within the UK.

Even without the lower value of the pound, though, staying within the UK makes a lot of financial sense if you're looking for a cheap break. You won't be charged extortionate amounts for using your phone or taking cash out of an ATM, and travel insurance isn't as important. That means your money goes further on a UK staycation.

If you're now planning your own staycation, peruse the variety of fantastic UK holiday homes to suit every style, from swimming pool holidayshot tub holidays and beach breaks to exciting new glamping pods and eco-lodges in the glorious great British countryside.