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Why stay in one of our eco-lodges? Apart from the obvious reasons, such as the bespoke fixtures and fittings, the gorgeous views and the luxurious amenities, there are plenty of other reasons to opt for an eco-lodge. These properties are designed to have minimum impact on the surrounding area, and consequently you’ll often find this type of accommodation in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Representing a more responsible way of living, eco-accommodation is a brilliant way of making sure that beauty spots aren’t ruined by development. If you’re looking to book a sustainable stay in natural surroundings, have a read through our recommendations.

Strawberryfield Park

With stunning views of the Somerset countryside, the eco-lodges at Strawberryfield Park are environmentally friendly but still boast luxury amenities such as jacuzzi hot tubs, home cinema systems, and rainfall showers. The stylish design and decor add that extra touch of extravagance to make your stay a really special one.

Yorkshire Dales Eco-Lodges

Another Green Tourism Gold award winner, the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales Eco-Lodges offer truly environmentally friendly living. These custom-designed timber cabins are built from sustainably grown wood, use biomass heating, and are connected up to a source of natural spring water. Even the complementary luxury toiletries are responsibly sourced.

John O'Groats

Experience the craggy Caithness coastline up close with a stay in a John O'Groats eco-lodge. Built from locally sourced materials and designed to blend in with the landscape, these lodges really do feel like part of the scenery, making them the perfect place from which to enjoy an unrivalled view of the sea from the most northern point on the British mainland.

Why Stay in an Eco-Lodge?

Natural Surroundings

From beautiful national parks to spectacular coastal settings, these eco-lodges are located in some stunning unspoilt destinations. As they're designed to have minimal impact on their surroundings, they're a great way to enjoy a holiday where you can really immerse yourself in nature.

Great Destinations

We offer a range of eco-lodges in some fantastic destinations around the UK, perfect for exploring local areas. Enjoy the Peak District or Yorkshire Dales national parks, visit Cheddar Gorge, Wookey Hole and more of Somerset from Strawberryfield Park, or enjoy the Scottish coast at John O'Groats.

Environmentally Friendly

Of course, the main purpose of an eco-lodge is to provide a greener holiday option. Sustainable tourism takes many forms, including how the accommodation is built, how the holiday site is powered and supplied, and how waste is disposed of, but every little bit helps the planet.

Luxury Living

These eco-lodges prove that going green doesn't mean missing out on the pleasurable things in life. There are plenty of modern luxuries on offer, including the relaxing jacuzzis and home cinema systems at Strawberryfield Park and wood-fired hot tubs and saunas at Derbyshire Dales.