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Our carefully chosen collection of lodge, cottage and apartment holidays.

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Are you an owner of commercially operated  holiday properties?

Do you own a holiday property that you feel might fit in with our specialist portfolio, or perhaps need some advice on how to go about developing a holiday letting business?

If so we would be delighted to hear from you.

We have a strict criteria that we like to adhere to, in order to ensure that we bring on board accommodation that fits within our current selection.

If you can say yes to the following questions, we would be happy to discuss our terms and perhaps visit. This way we can ensure that we can put the “personally recommended” stamp on your property. Our loyal customers rely on our recommendation.

  • Location – Must be located within or adjacent to a natural or physical point of interest, such as National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or similar. This could also be close to points of interest associated with leisure, such as quality beaches, hills, mountains or regions for walking and outdoor activities. You may also be near notable towns and villages with historical interest or a unique leisure offering.
  • Accommodation type – We feature 5 accommodation types, which all have something in common. With the exception of our small number of Caravan Holiday Homes, which are predominantly lead by their location as they are quite a standard format, we look for quality and true variety in the accommodation. The best way to demonstrate this is by way of example.
    • Lodges and Log Cabins – Yorkshire Dales Luxury Eco lodges. These are contemporary, high spec Lodges with outstanding Green credentials, intriguing design built from sustainable forest resources they offer a very desirable package to families and couples.
    • Luxury Apartments – Fistral Beach. These are modern, new build apartments with a maritime/Mediterranean feel. Very spacious with sea views from most.
  • Decor, fixtures, fittings and presentation – These have to be impeccable. We don’t favour traditional over modern or vica versa. What is important is that it has been well thought out and presented in a concidered way with a suitable level of attention to detail.  A decent tea pot, cafatier or coffee maker are as important to us a quality flat screen TV, sound system or hot tub.
  • Service levels –The service we provide through our website and at our offices is the very best. We require that our accommodation partners do the same so that the overall package exceeds the expectations of the holiday guest. If you have a track record or if you are new then we will be more than happy to advise on a whole range of matters, or at least provide assistance when asked to insure we can dovetail our two offerings to ensure success.

To make contact for a chat please call 01275 374001 and ask for Nick House or Michael Paul or contact us via our website link.

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